Tutoring to Bridge the Gap Between Learning & Individual Success

Who We Are

Tutors who believe in students’ giant dreams to succeed! We are Giant Insights.

Perhaps you are wondering how the name Giant Insights came about. From the minute we – the founders – set our eyes on the City of Thunder Bay, some two decades ago, we fell in love with it and the surrounding area. Soon after, the Marie Louise Lake campground in the Sleeping Giant provincial park became our perennial camping spot. Over the years, some of our individual most “insightful” reflections related to tutoring happened while camping there.

Our vision is to be a difference-maker for the better in students’ learning lives by “bridging gaps in learning” through tutoring. At all times our guiding, overarching core value is respect: we believe in the uniqueness, dignity and worth of all the students we tutor. Our academic credentials include advanced university degrees (up to PhD). We believe that together with students, parents, teachers and professors, we can make the students’ educational experience less challenging and more fun.

What We Offer

Tutoring Math &

Our familiarity and experience with higher learning allows us to answer questions about advanced education to the satisfaction of the students we tutor. After all, it’s probably during high school that student curiosity about higher education peaks.

Finally, our academic credentials allow us to tutor a wide range of educational levels: we have tutored students from grade 8 to university.

Our Approach

Clarifying and Illuminating

We clarify and illuminate teachers’ or professors’ explanations. In other words, our tutoring focuses on shedding Insights on what the student is doing in class: there is usually more than one way of explaining a given concept and this is our way of ensuring that the student stays in sync with the class.

If the teachers’ or professors’ explanations have been understood and the student wishes to venture ahead of the curve in pursuit of his or her academic aspirations, then, of course, we will tutor the advanced material.


Come say hello!

Whether you need to get caught up, go over a specific topic, work ahead of the curve, solidify your academic foundation, or you are wondering about higher education, seeking a challenge or a “shot-in-the-arm” for motivation, call us for a free hour of “meet-and-greet.” We’re ready to talk to you.


Giant Insights
342 Devon Way
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